1. Will Mudhugger fit any bike?

Mudhugger is designed to fit most full suspension or hardtail mountain-bikes that have disc brakes. V brakes and Cantilever brakes prevent fitting. One popular make of bike that we know has clearance issues with the seat post is the Orange 5 and Orange Alpine 160.

If you ride an Orange 5 or one of its derivatives (Alpine, 224 etc...) the rear hugger has to be modified to fit, we do this at Mudhugger and supply extra long zip ties and two pieces of frame-tape to protect your swing arm. We also recommend using some tape (gaffa tape works well or self adhesive rubber pads) on the underside of the swingarm where the zip ties go to give them something to bite into and stop any slip.

It is important to fit the hugger with the air out of the rear shock and the suspension at full compression to get the clearance between the tyre, hugger and seatpost correct (see picture below).

2. What is the max tyre size Mudhugger can take?

Mudhugger has an internal clearance of 75mm we normally ride with 2.35 tyres (inc Schwalbe Hans Dampf, biggest 2.35 we know).

3. How heavy is Mudhugger?

210 grams excluding zip ties and frame tape.

4. What if I have fitting problems?

Mudhugger is easy to fit, remove and refit but if you do have fitting problems please contact us. We should be able to help and advise to sort this out. If Mudhugger cant be fitted due to clearance issues with the seat post at full compression we will offer a full refund if it is returned unused and in its original box. Please ensure you make sure there is clearance between Mudhugger and the seat post before use. This is easily achieved with a shock pump, by letting most of the air from your rear shock absorber and testing full compression.

Please contact us at sales@themudhugger.eu with any other questions.

5. Delivery time?

We use standard international postal service so you get your parcel from your local post office (as normal letters). Delivery can take 3-20 working days. If you are interested in faster delivery, contact us via e-mail before your order.

Average delivery time:

            CZ & SK: 1-3 woking days
            DE: 2-4 working days
            EU countries: 5-8 working days
            CA, South America: 10-17 working days
            AU, NZ, HG + Asia countries: more than 20 working days